lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

A chronicle of the XII Prescott School ELT Conference 2010

The flight was on time, smooth, quiet and clean like a baby´s dream. The White City of Arequipa was just awakening from a night of proud sleep, one day after the announcement of the Nobel Prize for its most universal son. I came down the plane and breathed the cold but invigorating clearness of the air, ¿how many years had it been since my last visit? I didn´t remember but one thing was sure: I was happy to be here again. And I say this not only because of the trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Peru, but also because I had a feeling that the event at Prescott School was going to be a memorable one. Time proved me right.
The organization, from the point of view of a guest speaker –one side of the story that is seldom known– was pristine. I had gotten my itinerary on the email, my air tickets had been all arranged, the hotel reservations had been made, the transport between hotel and venue had been programmed to the minute, I even had a reception committee waiting for my arrival at Prescott School. I then remembered that old joke and smiled, ¿was I in Peru? Well, yes, I was.
The premises at Prescott were home to an enthusiastic group of committed professionals from the south of our country who engaged in the workshops and plenaries with an avid attitude, always ready to learn, always ready to improve. I hope that we, local and “foreign” speakers, gave the measure. They deserve it.
I had taken my little but effective camera with me; not only did I want to photograph but also catch on video some of the activities in the event, but (all my fault, I must confess shamefully) I discovered to my horror that the battery was almost dead and I had left the charger in the hotel. Happily, luck was on our side, the energy still stored in the battery was enough to grasp some minutes. You will be able to watch those segments on line and know what the event was about, at least in part. Do share them with your colleagues, write your comment, express your views. Participate.
I left Arequipa charged with good vibes and convinced that the future of ELT in the south is bright. We all have to work hard, though, but it is possible.

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