domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Something to say about: Short stories in the English class

Reading is a way to open doors. Imagination. Information. Enlightenment. He who does not read, is not complete. To many, it may sound harsh and a bit extreme, but the truth is that the written word transformed the world. The invention of the printing press revolutionized life, knowledge was no longer the realm of a few privileged ones. Nowadays, the electronic word travels thousands of kilometers and appears, as if by magic, in front of you on a screen. Who can deny the importance of reading? Nobody. In this scenario, we teachers have a huge responsibility: nurture the new generations of readers who will govern our world in the near future.
Using stories in our lessons now and then is very good practice. Not only do they give us a break from the usual textbook/ handout cycle, but it also brings us closer to art in a very accessible way.  This link will take to the Voice of America -VOA- and features a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorn (bio on Wikipedia), both on screen (printer friendly version available) and on audio (MP3 available). The story is “Dr. Hedigger´s experiment.”
I´m sure you´ll enjoy it.
Cesar Klauer

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