martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Happy Teacher´s Day

I don´t think it necessary to repeat what we all know for a fact: being a teacher is the best thing we could have chosen to do.
True. Who else would put up (voluntarily!) with low salaries, indifferent students, parents who think it is our fault their children are what they are, misconceptions like "anybody can teach", loads of extra work, bullying, students who think we are to blame for their low grades, and a long list of potholes in our everyday life? And with a smile? And enthusiastically enough to make time to go to courses, seminars, workshops? The answer is: Only those who have love to give. And to those, my colleagues who tiredlessly build a new Peru each minute they stand in front of a classroom, my admiration and gratitude for being out there, for teaching me that it is possible to be better, and better others as well.
Happy Teacher´s Day!
Cesar Klauer

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