jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Ten thousand

We are not the Casa de la Literatura, so we won´t celebrate our one millionth visitor, but, with fewer zeros, we have reached an unimaginable figure, for me at least. We have had 10,000 readings so far. And I insist: unimaginable. Not because I am a pessimist (sometimes I am, believe me) but because a number like that is not attained so easiy, so to speak.
I wanted to think 10,000 hits was a mistake, so I checked the blog statistics... no, the numbers check out. It must be a dream! But then again, no (that reminds me of Sir Elton John´s Your Song lyrics). It´s true, people are strange (The Doors, this time) and they have actually come to this blog. Did they read it? That´s something I might never know.
So, to make a long story short, thanks to all of you; and let´s go for the 20,000 hits.
PD: Are there any topics that you would like to read about? Please, leave a message and I promise I´ll do what I can get something for you.

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Lali López dijo...

Mi dearest Cesar,
Not a frequent user, but I read your blog more than I used to do it before. I love setting aside some time of my stressful days at work (like right now) and enjoy your stories.
If possible, now that we are in the news again, write about soccer and our history of joy and sadness.